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Posted on August 22nd, 2007 in Crisis Magazine by admin

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The Crisis was originally published by NAACP co-founder W.E. B. Du Bois beginning in 1910 as the premier crusading voice for civil rights. Today, The Crisis, one of the oldest black periodicals in America, continues this mission. A respected journal of thought, opinion and analysis, the magazine remains the official publication of the NAACP and is an articulate partner in the struggle for human rights for people of color.

Published bi-monthly, The Crisis magazine is dedicated to being an open and honest forum for discussing critical issues confronting people of color, American society and the world in addition to highlighting the historical and cultural achievements of these diverse peoples.

The Crisis is published by The Crisis Publishing Company, Inc.- a for-profit enterprise that is legally separate from the NAACP. Except for the stories featured in “The NAACP Today” section of the magazine, the opinions expressed in the pages of The Crisis may not represent the official position of the NAACP.