Gary Bledsoe’s Response to the Supreme Court ruling on the Voting Rights Act

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The Texas NAACP, a party in the recent Northwest Austin MUD case just decided by the United States Supreme Court, applauds the decision because of the majority’s respect for the rule to be applied in all Supreme Court decisions–taking the least obtrusive legal alternative reasonably available.  Though the Northwest Austin MUD is no longer covered by the Act, the Act still remains strong and in effect.  However, because we know that additional challenges will take place as a result of this opinion, we will conduct hearings around our state to continue to gather the necessary data to thwart such efforts.  We will also reach out to our allies like the League of United Latin American Citizens to work with us in this endeavor.

The history of Section 5 enforcement in Texas fully demonstrates why it is imperative that Section 5 remain the law of the land.  Texas has drawn more Section 5 objections than any other covered state.  Texas has the largest number of minority voters of all states covered by Section 5.  African-American voters in Waller County continue to suffer from voter intimidation and other irregularities as recent as last May’s elections.  Further, our work has allowed us to determine that acts of intimidation or other irregularities are commonplace.  They stem from improper use of police and mailboxes in Fort Worth this decade, the burning down of a home of a white county commissioner whose wife was supporting an African-American sheriff’s candidate in Wharton County in this last decade or even the indictment of Prairie View A & M students for wrongfully voting when they were doing so legally and with the intended protections of opinions of the United States Supreme Court.  No area of the state is devoid of such problematic behavior.

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Thurgood Marshall and the Texas NAACP Connection

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TMNTXThurgood Marshall is known for many things.  He won the Supreme Court Case  Brown v. Board of Education, he was the founder and 1st president-director counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and he was the 1st African American Justice on the Supreme Court amongst many other accomplishments.  What isn’t as widely known is the connection of Thurgood Marshall and the Texas NAACP.  Below is a link to a document that describes their connection.

Thurgood Marshall and Texas NAACP Connection