Texas NAACP State President Comment on possible Texas License Plates with the Confederate Battle Flag.

The Texas State Conference of NAACP Units passed a resolution during the 75th Annual State Convention calling on all fair minded persons to vigorously oppose all efforts to authorize the use of the Confederate Battle Flag on Texas license plates.  Any objective person understands that the Confederate Battle Flag represents repression and is a badge of slavery.  This resolution is a part of the ongoing process to stop the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board from approving state license plates that would glorify the image of the Confederate Battle Flag, a well-known symbol of discrimination, disrespect and hatred towards African Americans.  National Board Member of the NAACP and Texas State President of the Texas State Conference of NAACP Units Gary Bledsoe said, “the Confederate Battle Flag represents one of the worst periods in Texas and American history.  A group of people was intimidated and subjugated by official state policy, solely on the basis of race.  When anyone reads the Articles of Succession, passed by the Texas Legislature on February 2, 1861, it is clear that the intent of the Texas Legislature towards people of color was to dominate and exploit Americans of African descent for economic gain.  This philosophy has been rejected and discredited as public policy by Congress, the Courts, and the Executive Branch.  We hope that people of good will reject this symbol as a travesty to decency and justice.”

“The Confederate Battle Flag has and always will be a reminder to African Americans about the serious harm and deaths caused to those who have come before us” said Mark Crump, Texas NAACP Youth & College Division President, “It would be an insult and a sign that African Americans aren’t welcome in Texas if these license plates are approved.”  It is important to note that the Confederate Battle Flag never flew over the State of Texas. Yannis Banks, Texas NAACP Legislative Liaison said, “Texans must understand that the Confederate Battle flag was never the official flag of the Confederacy.  The state archive department makes it very clear that it never flew over the State of Texas.  When we add these facts to the feelings of fear and intimidation necessarily generated in many African Americans upon viewing such public governmental authorized displays it becomes increasingly clear that the only position for a civilized society to take is to reject the use of such a symbol of hate.  The Confederate Battle flag is every bit of offensive as the swastika.”

The Texas State Conference of NAACP Units joins with decent, honorable Texans and other American citizens to denounce the vestiges of hatred and slavery.  We ask that you contact your representatives in the Texas Legislature and Texas DMV Board to let them know that all symbols of hate are inappropriate in the public domain.

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