Texas NAACP is against the Confederate Flag License Plates

The Texas State Conference of NAACP Branches is strongly against having Confederate battle flag on a Texas license plate.  While we intend no disrespect to any citizen who wants to individually celebrate their ancestor’s history, it is nonetheless clear to us that any objective person should understand that the Confederate Battle Flag represents repression and is a badge of slavery.  Besides that, we all know that the Confederacy had an official flag and the Battle Flag was not one that was adopted by the Confederacy nor did it ever fly over Texas.  It was adopted by hate groups as a means of expressing anti-Black sentiments and the rest is history.  If there was a desire simply to honor one’s ancestors it for certain would not be by using this particular flag.  If it is placed on Texas Specialty License Plates, the Battle Flag would be glorified when we all know it is a symbol of discrimination, disrespect and hatred towards African-Americans.  It is just the kind of symbol that will lead to psychological harm to African-Americans and very likely breaches of peace throughout our State.   The  Confederate Battle Flag represents one of the worst periods in Texas and American history.  A group of people was intimidated and subjugated by official state policy, solely on the basis of race.  When anyone reads the Articles of Succession, passed by the Texas Legislature on February 2, 1861, it is clear that the intent of the Texas Legislature towards people of color was to dominate and exploit Americans of African descent for economic gain.  This philosophy has been rejected and discredited as public policy by Congress, the Courts, and the Executive Branch.

We ask that you call the Texas DMV board and let them know what you think: 1-888-368-4689 or you can click on TX DMV Board to email them

Below you will find links to an article with Governor Perry saying how it isn’t right for Texas.  Also you will see a letters co-authored by Senators Rodney Ellis and Representative Sylvester Turner and another op-ed by Senator Royce West expressing how this license plate is not good for Texas.

Texas NAACP Press Release
Senator West Op-ed

Senator Ellis & Representative Turner
Governor Perry’s Stance




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